Priority Boarding

Flysafair is the first South African airline to offer customers the option of Priority Boarding. For a small fee of R100, you can secure your spot in the priority boarding queue at the airport.

How does it work?

When our flights open for boarding, our teams will invite our priority boarding passengers to come forward to board first. Generally the priority boarding queue will be on the right.

Why Opt for Priority Boarding?

This service is limited to only a few passengers per flight to ensure that you can board, stow your bag and get comfortable in your seat quickly.

Who May Add Priority Boarding to their booking?

Priority Boarding may be added by anyone as an extra when making a booking. If you have chosen our Business Fare, Priority Boarding is included for free. For Standard Fare bookings, Priority Boarding may be added as an extra at a 50% discount to the normal Priority Boarding fare.

How to book Priority Boarding?

Priority boarding can be booked online during our booking process on the FlySafair website or added later through our My Bookings portal.

How to identify if you have Priority Boarding?

Already booked your flight but aren't sure whether you have priority boarding or not? Then this little icon blue male figure pulling luggage on your booking will confirm if you have it or not.