Welcome to our legal section where you can find an in-depth overview of our various terms, conditions, and policies. As a user, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the following documents to understand your rights, responsibilities, and the guidelines governing our services.

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It's very important that you are familiar with the terms, conditions, rules, and policies outlined in each of the documents presented in this section. Utilising our services, engaging in our promotions signifies your automatic acceptance of these terms, conditions, rules, and policies.

Terms & Conditions of Booking & Carriage

These are important terms and conditions relating to the purchase of tickets. This covers all the rules around things like refunds, missed flights, Identification requirements and other important considerations around your purchase and flight.

Promotion & Sales Terms & Conditions

Periodically, we offer exciting promotions and competitions. This section encompasses the conditions governing our promotions and advertisements, keeping you well-informed of any ongoing opportunities.

Promotion Of Access To Information (PAIA) Manual

This manual is prepared in adherence to section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act no 2 of 2000 ("the Act") exclusively for Safair Operations (Pty) Ltd., registration number: 2007/032915/07.

Website Privacy Policy

We prioritize your privacy. This policy outlines how we safeguard the personal information you share with us during the booking process and while utilizing our website.

Terms of Website Use

As we facilitate online sales, the terms and conditions herein dictate the policies governing the use of our website. Kindly review this section to ensure a seamless online shopping experience.

External Privacy Policy

This comprehensive policy delineates the privacy guidelines applicable to our external stakeholders, including contractors, consultants, service providers, and suppliers, ensuring transparency and security in our collaborative efforts.

Data Subject Access Request Policy

We are committed to upholding data protection laws. This policy describes our approach to handling data subject access requests as per the applicable data protection legislation, ensuring compliance and safeguarding your rights.

FlyMore Club Terms & Conditions

Discover the exclusive benefits of our FlyMore Club through this document, which outlines the Terms & Conditions of membership, designed to enhance your experience with us.