Travel Protection

Travel insurance is always a great idea when purchasing a flight. We recognise that the investment required to purchase a flight is quite a significant one, so it's always a great idea to ensure that you protect it.

FlySafair is not an insurance company, so we've partnered with Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited, which is an authorised Financial Services Provider. Chubb is a worldwide provider of travel insurance products and offers both excellent rates and great service.

At FlySafair, we offer two different types of travel protection: Bag insurance and Travel Protection.

Bag Insurance

Bags checked in at the airport are required to pass through the hands of several service providers in the airport context. Bags are received by our ground handling partners and then passed through the airport's security teams for scanning. Eventually, they are returned to the airline for loading and transportation.

Because there are so many parties involved, airlines take limited responsibility for checked baggage which is part of the reason that we advise that valuable items are not packed into checked luggage. The responsibility that airlines take for luggage is mandated by international conventions called the Montreal and Warsaw conventions. These conventions indicate that airlines are required to compensate passengers up to 20 US Dollars per kilogram of lost or stolen items. The cover does not, however, extend to protect the actual bag, so should wheel, handles or zips be broken in transportation, the airline has little to no liability.

We recognise that this doesn't exactly offer customers much peace of mind, so we wanted to create a solution that would provide customers with more comprehensive cover to actually allow them to recover more meaningful compensation should something go wrong. This is why we partnered with Chubb to provide a great bag insurance solution.

For an optional cost of only R13, you can cover your Personal Belongings and Sports Equipment for up to R10,000. This cover includes theft or damage to checked-in items, as well as any damage to the bag itself. There is an excess payable of R250 per claim, and no single claim can be for more than R2,000 per item. Full details of the policy wording, which outlines the cover and exclusions can be accessed by clicking here.

Please note that this cover specifically does not cover Valuables and Devices that are checked into your luggage such as, but not limited to, computers, tablets, mobile phones, photographic equipment, GPS systems or cash. At check-in, our counter agents will specifically ask you to remove any such items from your luggage and keep them on your person. 

Travel Protection

They say that life is what happens when you’re making other plans, and this can wreak havoc on travel plans. By virtue of the consumer protection act, airlines will refund passengers for cancelled flights under certain instances usually pertaining to issues like hospitalisation. Again these circumstances are limited, which is why we opted to partner with Chubb to create a product that would provide passengers with more superior protection. Some details of the cover are outlined below, but you can download a full policy wording document outlining all covers and exclusions by clicking here.

Our Travel Protection product is designed to do just that. This insurance will cover you for the following things:

  • Journey cancellation - Here you will be able to claim up to the full cost of your original flight should you need to cancel your flight due to circumstances specifically outlined in the policy wording, like hospitalisation for example.
  • Possessions cover - Here your personal belongings, valuables and devices will be covered against loss, damage or theft during your journey. The cover amounts and rules vary slightly based on the classification of the goods:
    • Checked Bags: Please note that this cover does not include protection for items that are checked into the aircraft hold - these items can be protected using our bag insurance policy, which is separate because checked bags are optional at FlySafair; no need to pay for something that you don't need.
    • Valuables, or items that are taken into the cabin with you, will be covered up to R5,000, with an excess of R250 per claim. Any single item is covered to a maximum value of R2,000.
    • Devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, Kindles or laptops are covered up to R5,000 with an excess of R250.
  • Delay cover - Lastly, this protection will also compensate you in the event of a flight delay. Customers are able to claim R600 per three-hour delay period, to a maximum value of R3,000.

How it Works

FlySafair gives passengers the option to purchase a Chubb policy with each flight when checking out on our website. This way, should you need to make a claim, you can contact Chubb's claims department to sort it all out.

Contact Details

Please find below the contact details for the various divisions of Chubb Insurance South Africa.

Queries can be directed to the Chubb Insurance South Africa Call Centre:

Telephone: 0800 INS INS (0800 467 467)


Claims Service Centre:

Telephone: 0860 223 252


Chubb Insurance South Africa Compliance:

Telephone: 0860 223 266

Technical Details

The above summary has been provided for marketing purposes. For a full list of terms and conditions, please consult the Travel Protection or Baggage Insurance wording, which constitute the office documents. You may also contact Chubb: Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited Registration Number: 1973/008933/06 FSP Number: 27176 Ground Floor, The Bridle, Hunts End Office Park, 38 Wierda Road West, Wierda Valley, Sandton, 2196 PO Box 1192, Saxonwold, 2132 Telephone: +27 [0] 11 722 5700General Facsimile: +27 [0] 11 783 0812. Safair Operations (Proprietary) Limited (reg no 2007/032915/07) is a Juristic Representative of Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited (Reg. No.1973/008933/06).