Travel Updates

Any changes to the FlySafair flight schedule due to major delays, cancellations and weather interruptions will be published here.

The Latest updates

At FlySafair we do everything in our power to avoid delays and as a result we are very proud to report that we are the most punctual airline in the country, as monitored by third party OAG.

Unfortunately, even the best in the world cannot entirely avoid delays, and if you’ve been delayed today, please know that it pains us as much as it does you and we are doing everything in our power to minimise the delay.

The basics of a delay

What’s Happening Now?

The actions we take obviously depend on the nature of the delay.

If the delay is weather related, we’ll unfortunately just have to wait until Air Traffic Control gives us the all clear to operate our flight again.

Sometimes a delay can be caused by a passenger, especially a passenger who needs some medical attention. In this scenario we allow the medical teams to do what they need to do and then commence with departure planning as soon as the individual is clear.

If we’re experiencing a technical issue, the teams will be attending to the situation to find the fault, repair and retest as fast as possible. If the issue is going to take too long to fix, we’ll deploy a back-up aircraft.

How do you keep me updated?

We require a mobile number when a reservation is made with FlySafair. This number is never used for marketing, but is used for us to make quick contact with you if anything on your reservation needs attention. Importantly, this number is used to communicate via SMS during delays.

It is essential that the number we have on record is the traveller’s number, so if you have another party booking your flights, please insist that they provide us with your number when booking.

ACSA has a “Silent Airport Policy” which means that we are very restricted when it comes to making announcements on the Public Announcement System at the Airports – so please do not rely on these systems, rather speak to our teams and keep an eye on your phone.

Of course our teams are also always on the ground to answer any questions as best they can.

Why Are You Only Informing me Now?

Aircraft operate a number of flights each day end-to-end. Most of our turn-arounds are capped to 25 minutes which means that there is 25min between parking the aircraft and pushing back again for the next departure.

Most of the time, an issue resulting in a delay only surfaces once on the ground. Potential technical issues especially usually come to light during on the ground checks. We aim to inform passengers of delays as soon as we know, and then update on timelines as soon as we can.

When there is a knock-on effect which we know will affect later flights, we message customers immediately.

How Long will the Delay Be?

This is one of the very first questions we try to establish. To us it’s very important that we communicate a new departure time as soon as possible and stick to it. The issue is that this information is not always immediately apparent.

In circumstances where there is a passenger medical condition or a weather delay, we have to wait on the relevant parties to inform us when we can operate again and often these issues can take as long as they take.

When the issue is related to a technical problem we need to allow the engineers a moment to figure out what the issue is and how long it will take to repair. Usually repair actions are really quick and simple, but on the odd occasion there may be tests required that take some time, or we might have to wait to get a part to the aircraft. If the repair is likely to take a long time, we will deploy a spare aircraft to operate the flight. In Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, there’s a chance that we have an aircraft at hand to use, but at the other airports there is a chance that we would first have to ferry an aircraft out to collect passengers.

Whatever the situation, please know that we are working as hard as possible to lock down a new departure time as soon as we can.

What are Technical Issues?

Safety is our main priority and we will never operate a flight when we are not 100% satisfied that the aircraft is in peak condition.

Aircraft are incredibly sensitive machines and 9 times out of 10 we get a false indication that something is not fully operational. Of course we do not accept that until we check and run thorough tests.

Unlike cars, aircraft need to be in peak condition to fly. You may feel okay to drive your car if one of the brake lights is not working, but in our world we want the aircraft to be in tip top shape.

Not Getting the Information you Want or Need?

If you’re not satisfied that you’re getting the information that you need on the ground, please reach out to us on our Whatsapp line at 076 958 5303. We will never hold any information back – if we have the answer to any question we will gladly share them, and if not, we’ll find out as soon as we can.