The specific rules around flight cancellations and refunds are explained in detail with reference to the applicable laws in our terms and conditions of booking and carriage

FlySafair customers have the right to cancel their flights at any time. To do so, please contact us. Please note that cancellation charges will apply as outlined below.

Cancellation Charges

When a flight is booked, FlySafair reserves a seat for the intended passenger, and it is removed from the airline's inventory. When a seat is cancelled, the airline has a limited ability to be able to sell that seat again, especially if the time to departure is not long. In accordance with the National Consumer Protect Act, FlySafair reserves the right to charge a cancellation charge on cancelled flights. These charges are as follows:

If a customer requests to cancel a flight that departs in 45 days or more from the time of the cancellation request, the customer will receive a 50% refund.

If a customer requests to cancel a flight that departs in less than 45 days from the time of the cancellation request, a 100% cancellation fee will be imposed and no refund will be granted.

Other Options

Instead of cancelling a flight, customers are always welcome to make changes to their flights. Changes can include changes to the date or time of the flight as well as to the route and names of the passengers traveling. Changes do incur an administrative fee and changes in flight time and routing may attract a liability for a difference in fare. More details on how to make changes is available here.

FlySafair also offers a Cancellation Upgrade product. This product must be purchased when booking the original ticket and allows for the customer to receive a refund of 80% of the flight booking value if the airline is alerted more than 3 days before the scheduled flight departure. This refund is issued in the form of a flight voucher which is valid for 6 months.


The only exceptions to this refund policy concern the circumstances outlined in the Consumer Protection Act. Most relevant of these would concern the need to cancel and refund a flight booking as the result of the death or hospitalisation of a passenger.

If a passenger is unable to travel due to the conditions described above, a refund back to the method of payment, will be issued on that booking upon the receipt of the relevant documentation based on the FlySafair terms and conditions.

If a direct family member of a passenger (mother, father, brother, sister or child) is hospitalised or passes away, 50% of the booking will be refunded to a flight voucher valid for six months, upon receipt of the required documentation.

Refund Process

Customers are welcome to apply for a refund using the form below or by calling our customer contact centre on 087 357 0030.

Please note that specific conditions and time frames apply to the refund of flight purchases. For full details on our refund policy, please consult our terms and conditions

Where a refund is not available on a future booking, changes can be made to the booking to better suit the Travelers. Here's more information on how to do that.

Vouchers acquired through the use of our Cancellation Upgrade or through promotions and other compensation measures cannot be exchanged for monetary refunds.